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This is the digital (pdf) sewing pattern for the TOPSTITCH Vest with BOX Sleeves and the BREEZY shorts.

Purchase includes

- Digital pattern (pdf) in two formats (A0 and A4) to be printed out. A4 format fits US letter size (8.5/11”): set print setting to scale file 100% (tested with US customers)
- An easy to follow visual manual that will take you through all the steps including video guides
- Print overview and lay plans
- Size XXS-XXL are included
- Both English and Danish files are included

About the pattern

In this bundle you will get the full look with one click; Patterns for the BREEZY shorts, the TOPSTITCH vest with BOX sleeves.

The BREEZY shorts is the perfect combination of comfort and style. With their loose and comfortable fit, these shorts are ideal for everyday wear. They feature a waistband with adjustable ties, allowing for a customized fit. Additionally, the shorts is equipped with two front pockets and two back pockets. The pattern offers two different length; the long version reaches the middle of the thigh and the short version is 11 cm shorter.

The TOPSTITCH vest features a trendy drop shoulder and two big pockets on the front. We have added snap fasteners to the plackets. The BOX sleeve has lots of volume and a wide cuff and complements the boxy look of the TOPSTITCH vest perfectly.


Fabric requirements for the TOPSTITCH VEST?
For fabric widths of 145 cm:
XXS-S: 130 cm
M-L: 135 cm
XL-XXL: 145 cm

Fabric requirements for the BOX sleeve?
With 145 cm fabric width:
XXS-XS: approx. 60 cm
S-XXL: approx. 80 cm

Fabric recommendations for the TOPSTITCH vest with BOX sleeves:
This pattern is made for woven fabrics. Avoid fabrics
with a soft drape, and choose a fabric with a bit of
structure. If you are in doubt about which fabric to
choose, then fabrics such as denim and canvas
both works well for this vest, as well as poplin for a
softer indoor look.

Fabric requirements for the BREEZY shorts:
For fabric widths of 145 cm:
Long version (incl. back pockets):
XXS: 75 cm
XS-S: 110 cm
M-L: 115 cm
XL-XXL: 145 cm

Short version (incl. back pockets):
XXS: 65 cm
XS-S: 85 cm
M-L: 95 cm
XL-XXL: 120 cm

Remember to add fabric if you are prolonging the shorts.

Front pocket lining fabric:
XXS-XXL: 35 cm

Ties/cotton cord:
XXS-S: 165 cm
M-L: 190 cm
XL-XXL: 210 cm

Please note; if you want to make your own ties you have to add 30 cm to the total fabric usage.

Fabric recommendations for the BREEZY shorts:
The pattern is made for woven fabrics. If you are in doubt about which fabric to choose, then fabrics such as cotton twill, linen and taslan works well for these shorts. For the front pockets, a thin cotton canvas or other lining fabric will work well for these shorts.

What you need

In general:
Sewing machine
Tailor's Chalk
Glue or tape
An iron
(…and a seam ripper)

For the TOPSTITCH vest:
Denim thread / topstitch thread
4 snap fasteners (1-2 cm diameter)

For the BREEZY shorts:
Front pocket fabric
Thread in preferred color
Elastic band (3.5 cm width)
Ties/cotton cord 1.7 - 2.1 m (specified in manual)

Size guide

Final garment measurements

Final garment measurements for the TOPSTITCH vest (cm)
XXS: Bust: 92, Waist: 89, Length: 53
XS: Bust: 98, Waist: 94, Length: 54
S: Bust: 105, Waist: 101, Length: 56
M: Bust: 111, Waist: 107, Length: 58
L: Bust: 118, Waist: 114, Length: 61
XL: Bust: 124, Waist: 120, Length: 63
XXL: Bust: 131, Waist: 127, Length: 65

Final garment measurements for the BOX sleeve:
XXS: Upper arm: 45 cm, Wrist: 37 cm
XS: Upper arm: 47 cm, Wrist: 39 cm
S: Upper arm: 49 cm, Wrist: 41 cm
M: Upper arm: 51 cm, Wrist: 43 cm
L: Upper arm: 53 cm, Wrist: 45 cm
XL: Upper arm: 55 cm, Wrist: 47 cm
XXL: Upper arm: 57 cm, Wrist: 49

Final garment measurements for the BREEZY shorts (cm)
XXS: Waistband: 87, Hip: 101, Outer seam long: 41, Outer seam short: 30
XS: Waistband: 91, Hip: 105, Outer seam long: 41, Outer seam short: 30
S: Waistband: 95, Hip: 109, Outer seam long: 42, Outer seam short: 31
M: Waistband: 103, Hip: 116, Outer seam long: 43, Outer seam short: 32
L: Waistband: 111, Hip: 125, Outer seam long: 44, Outer seam short: 33
XL: Waistband: 120, Hip: 135, Outer seam long: 45, Outer seam short: 34
XXL: Waistband: 132, Hip: 146, Outer seam long: 46, Outer seam short: 35

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