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This is the digital sewing pattern for the COLLARED Blouse with Cone Sleeves. Looking for a printed version of this pattern? Find it here.

Purchase includes

- Printed pattern
- An easy to follow visual manual that will take you through all the steps including video guides
- Print overview and lay plan
- Size XXS-XXL are included
- Both English and Danish files are included

About the pattern

The COLLARED Blouse has a loose fit, a collar, three button/pearl closures at the front, and slits on both sides. You can add more buttons/pearls or replace them with ties.
This manual will guide you through how to make the blouse with a three button/pearl closure. The CONE sleeve is a classic cone-shaped sleeve.

Additionally, all Puff and Pencil’s sleeves fits the COLLARED blouse. Please note that the blouse doesn’t accommodate any of Puff and Pencil’s collars. The CONE sleeve fits all Puff and Pencil’s blouses and dresses.


Fabric recommendations:
This pattern is designed for woven fabrics. If you desire a crisp look, it's recommended to choose fabric with some structure that doesn't drape too softly. For a more elegant and feminine look, opt for fabric that drapes beautifully. Fabrics such as poplin, woven viscose, and cotton twill work well for this blouse.

Fabric requirements for the COLLARED Blouse:
For fabric widths of 135 cm:
XXS - S: 100 cm
M - L: 135 cm
XL - XXL: 150 cm

For fabric widths of 145 cm:
XXS - S: 100 cm
M - L: 105 cm
XL - XXL: 150 cm

Fabric requirements for the CONE sleeve:
For fabric widths of 145 cm:
All size: 50 cm

What you need

Sewing machine
Matching thread
3 buttons or pearls (1 cm diameter)
Cord to turn the loops
Interfacing (0.5 m)
Tailor’s chalk
Glue or tape
(... and a seam ripper)

Size guide

Final garment measurements

Final garment measurements for the COLLARED blouse:
XXS: Bust: 87 cm, Waist: 83 cm, Length: 62 cm
XS: Bust: 92 cm, Waist: 88 cm, Length: 63 cm
S: Bust: 97 cm, Waist: 93 cm, Length: 64 cm
M: Bust: 105 cm, Waist: 100 cm, Length: 66 cm
L: Bust: 112 cm, Waist: 108 cm, Length: 67 cm
XL: Bust: 121 cm, Waist: 117 cm, Length: 69 cm
XXL: Bust: 122 cm, Waist: 129 cm, Length: 71 cm

Final garment measurements for the CONE sleeve:
XXS: Upperarm: 31 cm, Wrist: 37 cm
XS: Upperarm: 33 cm, Wrist: 40 cm
S: Upperarm: 35 cm, Wrist: 42 cm
M: Upperarm: 38 cm, Wrist: 45 cm
L: Upperarm: 40 cm, Wrist: 48 cm
XL: Upperarm: 43 cm, Wrist: 50 cm
XXL: Upperarm: 46 cm, Wrist: 52 cm

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