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Waist belt



The Waist belt is a sort of soft corset belt which is tied with laces. You can wear it with the laces in the front or in the back. The waistbelt can be used over a shirt, a dress, a blazer or whenever you want to highlight your waist.

Note that only a manual is included and no pattern. The manual describes how to cut the fabric. In addition to fabric, you will need ties and eyelets for the waist belt.

You will need a rectangular piece of fabric, with a width of 28 cm and a length measuring your waist measurement plus 45 cm. Please note that if your hip measurement is more than 45 cm larger than your waist, then you should add more than 45 cm. You will also need 2,5 meter laces or ties.

The pattern is mainly for woven fabrics. You can almost all sorts of fabric, but avoid fabric which is too heavy or too light.