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TIE Blouse x LANTERN Sleeves x PEGGY Collar


// A0 and A4 PDF sewing patterns for the TIE blouse, LANTERN sleeves and PEGGY collar//

In this bundle you will get the look with one click: All patterns for the TIE  blouse, LANTERN sleeves and PEGGY collar. You can mix and match the base, sleeves and collar with other Puff and Pencil bases and sleeves as well.

Purchase includes
// Digital pattern in A0 and A4 to be printed out (incl. print overview). A4 prints fit US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) due to the margins in the A4 document. Simply set your print settings to scale the file at 100%. This has been tested successfully with US customers.

// Detailed and easy to follow visual manual (in Danish and English) that will take you through all the steps including video guides

// Your pattern will come in all sizes from XXS-XXL. We recommend that you download Adobe Acrobat Reader which will allow you to select the size/sizes you need and turn off the sizes you do not need before printing

// Overview with suggestion on how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric

Which size will fit me?
The pattern comes with all sizes from XXS-XXL. The blouse has a loose fit but the most important measurement is the bust. See more about finding the right size here. The model in the photo is 178 cm and is wearing a size S.



The TIE blouse is a blouse with a loose fit. It has an opening with ties.

What fabric should I use for the blouse?

The pattern is made primarily for woven fabric types.
If you are in doubt about the choice of fabric, poplin, woven cotton, and seersucker work well for this blouse.

How much fabric do I need for the blouse?

For fabric widths of 140 cm:
XXS / XS / S / M: approx. 0.75 m
L / XL: approx. 1.25 m
XXL: approx. 1.5 m
Remember that this is without any sleeves and collar.

Materials needed for the blouse:

Fabric, sewing thread.



The LANTERN sleeve is split in two and ends at the wrist. The upper part is like a t-shirt sleeve, and the lower part has volume and is made with gathering thread. The sleeve hem is made with an elastic.

How much fabric is needed?
For fabric widths of 140 cm:
All sizes: Approx. 1 meter



The PEGGY collar is a wide collar with square flaps in the front and round shape in the back. It can be made with or without ruffled edges. The PEGGY collar fits PUFF AND PENCIL dresses with a round neck and is sewn in a ‘sandwich’ between the facing and the neckline of the dress.

How much fabric is needed?

For fabric widths of 145 cm:
All sizes: Approx. 1 meter

Materials needed

Sewing machine
Thread in matching color
Tailor's Chalk
Glue or tape
Interfacing for the facing
An iron
(…and a seam ripper)