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Tee sleeve


// A0 and A4 PDF Sewing pattern for TEE sleeve //
The TEE sleeve is a classic t-shirt sleeve. The TEE sleeve can be combined with all Puff and Pencil dress or blouse bases.

Purchase includes
// Digital pattern in A0 and A4 to be printed out. A4 prints fit US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) due to the margins in the A4 document. Simply set your print settings to scale the file at 100%. This has been tested successfully with US customers.

// Detailed and easy to follow visual manuals that will take you through all the steps

// Size XXS-XXL are included in the pattern. We recommend that you download Adobe Acrobat Reader which will allow you to select the size/sizes you need and turn off the sizes you do not need before printing.

How much fabric is needed?
For fabric widths of 140 cm:
All sizes: Approx. 0.5 meters


The sleeve fits all Puff and Pencil dresses and blouses in the same size.