Square dress


// A0 and A4 PDF Sewing pattern for the SQUARE sleeveless dress //
The SQUARE dress has a square neck. It has a shirred back making it easy to make it fit the body without sewing in a zipper. It can be made with or without sleeves. It can not be made with a collar. Sleeves are purchased separately.

Purchase includes
// Digital pattern in A0 and A4 to be printed out. A4 prints fit US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) due to the margins in the A4 document. Simply set your print settings to scale the file at 100%. This has been tested successfully with US customers.

// Detailed and easy to follow visual manuals that will take you through all the steps

// Size XXS-XXL are included in the pattern. We recommend that you download Adobe Acrobat Reader which will allow you to select the size/sizes you need and turn off the sizes you do not need before printing.

Which size fits me?
The pattern comes with all sizes from XXS-XXL. Since the dress is loose around the waist and hips, your bust measurement is the most important. See more about finding the right size here.

What fabric should I use?
The pattern is made primarily for woven fabric types, but can also be sewn in stretch. Stretch is harder to sew in than woven fabric. Avoid thick fabrics so that the dress drapes nicely.
If you are in doubt about which fabric to choose, crepe, woven viscose, or seersucker work well for this dress.

How much fabric is needed?
For fabric widths of 145 cm:
XXS-S: approx. 2.25 meters (the fabric must be at least 130 cm wide)
M-L: approx. 2.5 meters (the fabric must be at least 140 cm wide)
XL-XXL: approx. 3.25 meters (the fabric must be at least 145 cm wide)
Remember that this is without any sleeves.

Materials needed to sew the dress:
Fabric, sewing thread, elastic thread.


Tee, Balloon, Puff, Lantern, Flounce, Gigot


No Puff and Pencil collars fit this dress