Rose choker


// Sewing manual for the ROSE CHOKER//

The ROSE CHOKER is a fabric rose designed to fit on a choker-cord or -string to be tied around your neck. With your purchase you will receive a visual manual that will guide you through all the steps (incl. video guidance) on how to make a perfect rose in fabric. You only need a small piece of fabric (see details below) making the ROSE CHOKER the ideal project for utilizing all your fabric scraps. 

Purchase includes
// Detailed and easy to follow visual manual (in Danish and English) that will take you through all the steps including video guidance for some extra help

How much fabric is needed?
One piece measuring 12 x 43 cm and a small patch measuring approx. 5 cm in diameter

What fabric should I use?
We would recommend using lightweight or medium-light fabric types. Ensure that you choose fabrics with some structure as this will give the rose a nice shape. Avoid fabrics with too much stretch.

Materials needed

Sewing machine
Sewing thread
Sewing needle
An iron
(…and a seam ripper)

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