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Mini Bubble Bag


// A4 and A3 PDF Sewing Pattern for the MINI BUBBLE BAG //

The MINI BUBBLE BAG is a quilted bag made with batting and lining… And as the name states it is a mini version of our famous BUBBLE BAG. The mini bag measure 23 x 25 cm (without handles). A4 prints fit US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) due to the margins in the A4 document. Simply set your print settings to scale the file at 100%. This has been tested successfully with US customers.

What kind of fabric should I use?
The MINI BUBBLE BAG can be sewn in many different kinds of fabric, but we recommend a woven, sturdy and durable fabric. We have paired the MINI BUBBLE BAG with light weight and waterproof nylon, that you can also buy as a kit with the printed pattern included.

How much fabric do I need?
0.5  m fabric (For fabric widths of 1.40 m)
0.7 m batting (for two layers of thick batting, batting width of 70 cm).

What kind of batting should I use?
If you choose regular batting you can use as many layers as you want, but we recommend using a thick batting.