Measure yourself or have a friend measure you with a measuring tape around your chest at the widest part, around your waist and around your hips at the widest part. Only wear underwear when measuring. Make sure not to tigthen the measuring tape too much when measuring.


Once you have taken your own measurements, find the size that is closest to your measurements in our measurements table.
Under each pattern in the description, you will find a guidance to which measurement is most important to take into account for that specific pattern. For example, the bust measurement is the most important in the Trapeze dress because it is loose around the hips and waist.

It may be that you are closer to one size in one of the measurements and another size in the other measurements. For example, your hip size could fit a size large, but your breast size is closer to a size medium. In that case, it is important to choose the size based on the most “critical” parts of the pattern you want to sew. It is indicated in the description below each pattern which measurement is the most important.

For all patterns that are loosely fitted, extra space, so-called ease, has been added for movement. Therefore, there is always some extra space compared to the measurements in the table. If you are right in the middle of two sizes, choose the largest. You can always make it smaller – but not bigger.

All PUFF AND PENCIL’s tight dresses contain a form of elastic, for example shirring, making it easier to get a good fit.