hi there ;) we make sewing patterns


A sewing pattern is a kind of template for a piece of clothing you want to sew. Sewing patterns come in different sizes. You cut the fabric according to the sewing pattern, to make you get the right proportions, and end up with exactly the style you want to sew.

No. It is super easy to sew with PUFF AND PENCIL’s patterns because there are no zippers, lining, darts or other difficult techniques. In addition to the patterns, you will get detailed, visual manuals and video guides for almost every step.

We are working on producing physical patterns. For now, you have to be patient and rely on your neighbor, friend, work place or copy shop around the corner.

It depends a lot on which pattern you want to sew. The description of each pattern states which measurement is the most critical for that specific dress.
You can read more about finding your right size on the “Finding Your Size” page.

You can download the pattern up to 3 times the first 30 days after purchase. The download is personal only and cannot be shared with others.

Unfortunately not yet, but we will work on it if the demand is high enough. The good thing about pdf-files is that you get them right away.

Your downloaded pattern is personal and may not be shared. We make a living by selling PDF-files, and it is through the income from them that we can continue to develop new patterns. We hope you support us by not sharing the pattern with others.